No Pressure

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

This reminds me of the time I gave a presentation on how to be a better presenter. The topic implied (unintentionally) that I considered myself the perfect model of a presenter. I’m not; I just wanted to share concepts that had helped me improve. Though that presentation went over well, it made me incredibly self-conscious.

Did I learn from that experience? Apparently not much, because here I go writing a blog on how to write better. No pressure. All I have to do is sepll precfetcluly awlays, use perfect grammar, and remain fascinating at all times. And deep. I’m probably allowed to alternate between fascinating and deep. Amn’t I? The Blogger’s Manual doesn’t really say.

Tell you what, let’s broaden this blog’s concept to include the highs, lows, and coprophagia of attempting to write better. Because, similar to the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and a calm, sane chihuahua, there is no such thing as the Perfect Writer. And if there is, I am not (…her. She? Crap, grammar problems already.) …the guy.

But I have authored five traditionally-published books, provided services to publishers on 60 more, sold 120 by-lined magazine stories and articles, and made an abundant living from writing for corporations. For richer or poorer, I was built to write. I don’t know Thing One about writing poetry or plays. I specialize in business writing (especially marketing communications), fiction, and creative non-fiction. I’ve written for audio and video. I’ll share what I’ve learned. And if you work toward continuous improvement in your writing, I hope you’ll share what you’ve learned, too.

I’m also starting on the first novel I’ve written in years. If you like the idea of watching from over my shoulder as an experienced but nervous author constructs a novel, here, this VIP All-Access Backstage Pass is for you. I hope you’ll use it to its fullest.

To Be Continued. Soon, I hope. (Cheeses. No pressure!)

  1. Corey says:

    Rather than comment intelligently on your post, I’m just going to say, “Coprophagia? Ewwww!”


    That said, I’ve enjoyed your posts so far.

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