Marketing Tech to a Lay Audience: Amazon Silk

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Marketing Communications

Naturally I’m excited to learn more about the new fleet of e-reader devices from Amazon, because I’m a happy Kindle user. (And a wanna-be Kindle author.)

However, I’m pointing you to this video describing Amazon Silk because it’s a terrific example of explaining a technical product to a lay audience. I’ve made more than a dozen such videos and I doubt I ever achieved the balance on display here. Credible spokespeople introduce the tech in clear yet non-condescending terms, then immediately follow up with the advantage and benefit to the user. The computer graphics underscore the point rather than distract from it. The piece has an understated, effortless feel that belies the massive amount of work required for productions of this quality. From a craft viewpoint, this is marketing I admire.

Do you believe the spokesmen? Does the video pique your interest in Amazon’s browser built for e-readers? How does it strike you?

  1. Larry H says:

    Thanks for sharing Scott. Great point about the tremendous amount of work and planning that goes into a production like this to make it seem so effortlessly simple (e.g., did they use two cameras and storyboard when they needed longer shots for the graphics?) My interest is piqued!

  2. Scott Pinzon says:

    Now with the benefit of a few months of hindsight, we learn that the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire did not behave as advertised. Reviewers dogged it as suh-low. So of course the obvious lesson is that it doesn’t matter how ingenious your marketing is, if the product does not live up to your claims.

    Holding out for Fire 2.0 now.

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