A Shockingly Easy Tip for Making Facebook “Likes” Skyrocket

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Marketing Communications, Social Media

Many small-to-medium businesses have not embraced marketing through social media, and here’s why: it’s as if someone gave you a live microphone in an empty arena and told you, “Go on! Talk until you fill the seats!” Great platform, but what the heck do you say?

On Facebook, you fill those metaphorical empty seats by getting Likes. If you’re a small business struggling to get some social media attention, there’s an easy and cost-free technique for getting attention on Facebook. It works reliably for all types of businesses, non-profits, and institutions.

Before I took over social media policy and implementation for ICANN, they already had a Facebook page. It generated anywhere from 0 to 8 Likes per week. When I implemented this technique, ICANN’s Facebook Likes shot up to more than 100 per week.

I’ve been advising on social media strategies for a local business, GoodSide Studio, that produces superb training videos. When they implemented this technique, their Likes on Facebook equaled in two weeks the number they had garnered in the previous two years.

The secret that makes this technique devastatingly effective will never change, because it’s built on human nature.

What is this “powerful secret” that turns your cobwebby Facebook page into a social media hotspot? Well, it’s so obvious. you’ll laugh when you read it.

It’s built on this simple principle: if someone hands you a group photograph, and you’re in it, where’s the first place you look? Answer: at yourself.

So here’s the cheap and easy way to drive up Facebook Likes for your business: use the Photos tab, and post as many faces as you can. Clients. Employees. Prospects. Convention speakers. Anyone who is relevant in your vertical niche. Doesn’t even matter if the picture is recent; find an excuse to post it.

Then use your other social media platforms, especially Twitter, to mention the fact that new pictures are up.

That’s it in a nutshell. When you try it, you’ll find ways to refine the technique and improve it specifically for your business. If you build it, Likes will come.

Use Your Community as Your Opening Act

Because the technique is so simple, you might scoff. If so, you’re not entirely wrong. Likes are not money. When you score Likes, you haven’t converted anyone to a customer; you haven’t scored a prospect’s e-mail address; you haven’t monetized a thing. But to do any of that, you have to have an audience. If you haven’t got much of one, this technique is golden for getting one.

World's first rock band?Back in my youth, we cavemen would sometimes get three or four of us together and form something called “a band.” We’d howl and bang rocks together in rhythm, and pretend it was music. (Rock music, we called it.) Then we wanted people to hear our rock music. The main way we gathered an audience was to put on a show and cunningly select some “opening acts.” The opening acts had friends who would come to see them, and then the friends would accidentally see us. If they liked our rock music, they became our fans. Now Og smart and popular! In essence, posting faces on Facebook is using your community as your opening act. Each face has its own audience draw. More faces equals more draw.

Another intangible benefit of this technique is implicit in the word, Like. Faces make your business relateable. For example, ICANN coordinates global policy around domain name services and IP zzzzzz. Sorry, I just fell asleep typing that sentence. Compare that to the image of ICANN you get from this joyful picture.

Another example: it might sound boring to you that GoodSide Studio makes training videos. But a photo from behind the scenes evokes some of the cool creative vibe of a video shoot.

As with most techniques in social media, this technique doesn’t work in a vacuum. You should support it with relevant content and coordinate it with other marketing efforts for better synergy. But it sure provides a lot of attention for very little effort.

Want an audience on Facebook? Want people to feel like they can relate to your company? Have a budget right around, oh, say, zero dollars? Post faces on Facebook. (Hey, now I get it: Facebook!) Use your other platforms to let people know they might see themselves on your Facebook page… then enjoy the Spike of Like.


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