You can learn some essentials about Scott Pinzon at scottpinzon.com. The rest of this is about the Write to Rock concept.

You probably write little things all day. Emails. Facebook status. A note to your spouse. Something for your boss. And you probably write them badly. Oh, you know how to write pretty well, you could write pretty well; but at the moment you’re writing, you think, This one doesn’t count. So you let yourself write poorly. You write confusing, boring, unappealing, ungrammatical, misspelled doggerel.

If you’re doing that 85, 95% of the time, what makes you think you’ll be able to miraculously pull out your Big Guns of Writing when you finally decide you need to? If practice makes perfect, what does writing like crap 95% of the time make?

So here’s my tip. Try it for a week and see what happens.

Change your mental frame. Don’t let yourself be mediocre. Intend excellence. Instead of writing to satisfy a To Do list, tell yourself that every time you write, you are going to overachieve. Every time you write, try to rock your reader’s world. I mean every time. Write excellent, properly-spelled text messages. Write clever, crystal-clear, colorful emails. Write the world’s best note to your kid’s teacher.  Just for one week, write to rock.

It’ll intimidate you at first. Your writing will take too long. Keep at it. Because I also predict that by the end of the week, the results will hook you. You will surprise yourself with your own writing power. You will catch a glimpse of your ideal you. And you will be building the habits that make you better instead of worse.

Make a little contract with yourself. One week. Write to rock.

Let me know how it goes: email shout [at] scottpinzon [dot] com.

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